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Dream Marriage Self-Paced Master Class (Online)

If you've come this far, you want solutions that work. A course that is transforming NFL marriages will help transform your marriage relationship too.

What you'll get:

  • Learn the secrets to breakthrough communication!
  • Learn how to crush the never-ending cycle of conflict!
  • Learn how to express and meet each other's deepest needs.
  • Learn how to re-build broken trust and get your marriage back!

Act now.  Too much is at stake to not invest in your most important relationship!

What People Are Saying:

As a former 11 year NFL veteran, NFL Chaplain and Director of NFL Programs for Pro Athletes Outreach for 12 years, I have heard and interacted with many well known Christian speakers, authors, and teachers. I consider Rod Hairston at the top of that list. I have studied his transformational teaching material which has saved countless NFL couples from the brink of disaster. I highly recommend his teaching material as a valuable resource for NFL players.

Don Davis, NFL PA

“Thank you for dumbing down marriage for us! It's starting to make sense.”


“This lesson! Listening is more than what I hear. It is what I see, my posture towards the person I am listening to, and my intentionality. I have a lot of work to do. I think I hit majority of the poor listener list. But I am excited to learn how to listen better.”

Kindle & TC

“Psychologically encouraged as I’m getting healed emotionally. 'Contribute to your spouse’s healing is powerful!'”

Dr. Kaishauna G.

“Growth is happening! Dream Marriage is teaching us! We're looking at each other through different lenses and it has made a big difference.”

Declan and Simonette

"I love the academic quality of the course!"


“WIN report. I got a text from my wife this weekend stating, ‘I think we are in love’ … “We are looking at each other noticeably different.”


“I can feel things trending up. My attitude about the relationship and the feedback I’m getting is making it all worth it.”